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Alba Insurance Agency Blog: 11_2010

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I'm sure that the the 15 year old gunman's parent's didn't anticipate their child would be dead that evening when he left for school that day.   I'm talking about the young man in Wisconsin who held a class hostage and then shot himself when the police finally entered the classroom. READ MORE >>

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving Holdiay. I'm sure your tummies are full and you are ready to start working out to lose those few extra pounds you gained (right?).  Well probably not, that's what the new year's resolution is good for- loosing those holiday pounds. READ MORE >>

Thanksgiving is here!  Our office hours for the Thanksgiving Holiday is as follows:                                              We will be closed on Wed. READ MORE >>

For those of you who have been following "The General" story, the latest update is that we boarded up all peep holes/open views of the dog that lives caddy corner from us to try and stop "The General" from barking at the dog. Did this help you ask...not at all. READ MORE >>

So remember yesterday we talked about "The General" and how he may be needing Pet Health Insurance. Well, I found out that my son does carry pet health insurance for him, which is a good thing because he wakes up barking and only stops to drink water and then continues barking again. READ MORE >>

My son often brings his dog over to stay at my house during the summer or when work calls him away from home for any length of time.  My son's dog, (I'll just call him, "The General", to protect his identity, ha! ha!) obviously has issues with large dogs! READ MORE >>

Have you been on a recent flight lately?  Have you had to be patted down?  Well it's the new Transportation Security Administrations way of providing "the best possible security for travelers," this is according to the TSA administrator, John Pistole.  So what's all the big hub-bub about? READ MORE >>

I'm getting so excited to have my kids and other family members come home for the Thanksgiving Holidays!  They will be driving down from Dallas and San Antonio, bringing friends and guests over to my house.  We normally have about 50 people (adults and kids) over each year for Thanksgiving. READ MORE >>

Congratulations to the winners of our Turkey Basket Give-A-Way.  The drawing was held this morning.  We had over 350 entries and the winners are (Drum Roll Please......................) Turkey Basket:  Antonio Garcia; Turkey Basket:  Hulen Ross; $50 HEB Gift Card: Lori Jewel; $25 HEB Gift Card: David Hernandez! READ MORE >>

I saw the movie "The Social Network" a couple of weeks ago.  You know the movie - how FACEBOOK came to be and the genius behind it all. The story was quite interesting, I thought anyway.  The importance of social networking now days is not just for college or  high school students but for business too. READ MORE >>

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